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Fair Person of the Year

The Missouri Association of Fairs and Festivals wishes to recognize and honor those dedicated local fair or festival persons who have exhibited to their colleagues qualities of character, service, leadership, and continued performance. Their qualities should include the ability to motivate, help, and inspire others as they make a contribution to the fair or festival community in general.

The annual award will be presented during the awards ceremony held on Sunday Morning at the Association Convention. It would be expected that the recipients selected would be in attendance.

Eligibility: All MOFAIRS member events board members, officers, associates, and other volunteers may be nominated and considered for the award.

Who may nominate: Any MOFAIRS member event may offer a nomination to be considered.

Selection process: The selection committee will be designated by the MOFAIRS Board each year. This may include past presidents, past board members and other interested individuals.

Deadline for nominations: Nominations must be received by the MOFAIRS office by January 1 of the year the award is to be presented. ( January 1, 2024)

Requested information: A standard nomination form is included however addition information may be submitted to support your nomination. Additional information may include press clippings, photos, letters of recommendation, and other items.

Requirements: The nomination form must be signed by the person submitting as well as a local event board officer such as President, Vice President, or Secretary.

Award: The award will be presented as Fair Person or Festival Person of the year depending on the event represented. Please note that this award is not to be considered or confused with the annual Hall of Fame Award which is given to those individuals that have contributed to the operation and betterment of the Missouri Association of Fairs and Festivals on a state wide basis


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